Loading Timeout

  • mclogs doesn't recognise that the server has taken >10mins to load automatically, would be nice to have that in the auto-detected problems box.

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  • I already suggested that to the Team a long time ago, and their response was that mclo.gs reads the data directly from the log, so they would need to add a line to the log so mclo.gs can read it (which would be impossible or very difficult to do).

    Plus (I happened to think about this after a while), mclo.gs is not a service used only for Aternos, and there's no way to verify when a log is being used for Aternos' servers and when not, so if someone happens to upload a log that loads for 10m and then stops, it would give a false positive of "Your server took too long to start" or something like that (which wouldn't make any sense at all if you're not using Aternos).

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  • About the non-aternos thing (I cant quote on phone xD): okay, so perhaps it only shows if you press share, from aternos.org. Yes, it's not perfect but it would (I think) work.

    I do not understand what you mean by reading the raw log, surely you just look at the first line's timestamp and subtract it from the last lines timestamp?

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