Incompatible FML Modded Server error

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  • I made a modded survival server but i kept getting the error "disconnected" and it said "Imcompatible FML Modded Server Server Network Message List is not compatible" on the right here are the logs btw i was making modded servers for a long time but i never saw this error i checked the logs and it had some errors with supplementaries mod and it said "mod list not compatible" or something. I tried removing the mod and restarting the server (also reset the world) after i did that i got "disconnected" error then i added the mod back and it started saying "disconnected". All the mods are the correct mods btw.

  • yeah but its the same i checked it a thousand times. also i can't log onto the server it says disconnected. the "Incompatible FML Modded Server error" is at the right like where it shows a server is vanilla or something

  • i was dumb i missed a mod but it still doesn't work and gives the error "Failed to synchronize registry data from the server, closing connection"

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