Should I use Mohist or not?

  • I was on the EssentialsX download page (checking the changelogs) when a message came to my attention:

    Do not use Mohist.


    I clicked on it and read this:

    So should I use Mohist?

  • Well if you want to run plugin and mod in the same time you either use Magma/Mohist. As for the Mohist PSA it was made because Mohist developer replace a plugin that is not compatible and replace it with their own modified builds. It's up to you to use it or not for me i don't really like using hybrid software because there are a lot of issue. Mostly a lot of plugin functionality already has a mod copy like LuckPerms

  • That EssentialsX disclaimer is mostly to express that they don't support in any way the development of Mohist, but as a software, it's technically safe to use (else it probably wouldn't've been added into Aternos). EssentialsX will indeed work as intended on Mohist (unless something breaks on Mohist's side), it's just that you won't be given any support by the EssentialsX team when using it.

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