Auto-Start Server system

  • Hi Aternos Team

    :aternos: I have an idea for a auto starting system for the aternos servers the idea is

    making an auto-start system that automatcally starts the server when any player tries to join also making it optional look the scenario will go like this: I enabled the auto-starting system for my server then when i got afk when a player and a player try to join he will get message that says "Starting The Server please wait" or something similar then the server will start automatically ! Also u could add a catch for it example if your server have the auto-starting turned off and u want to start your server manually this will make the time before shuting down when their is no player in the server is 5 min as normal BUT If u choose to enable it the time before shutting the server will be reduced from being 5mins to 2mins this will method will kinda reduce the pressure on all your servers. Also before ending...the reason I want this feature to be implemented is because the way of sharing control access for opening servers isnt useful when u have many players u want from them to join the owner of the server will not give access for starting to lets say 40 players this will be hard and he will not have time to check on the server to keep it open. also this will stop people from using bots for making their aternos servers 24/7 which is bannable in aternos

    and at the end thank you for reading my suggestion :) :aternos:

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