Keep seeing Incompatible FML modded server

  • So I'm trying to set up a server with just some mods to play with. I went through the process of finding up-to-date mods to the version matching that to the server, setting the software to Forge since I was making a custom pack to use and all the mods were grabbed from CurseForge. This is my first time trying a custom pack and I thought I did I followed the instructions for installing mods properly but I'm unsure of where I went wrong to keep getting the Incompatible FML modded server popping up. If I can get some direction on what needs to be done that would be appreciated.

    May have found the issue found a tab called Files and found a mod folder on the site saying it was empty. Now I think the issue is going to be not being able to get this mod to properly show up

    Edit: got it working and removed files that weren't forge because I downloaded the Fabric version or aternos gave a heads up when launching server was not working

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