Can Someone Tell Me a Plugin For no hackers... as many hackers enter my server and i don't want those hackers.

  • Is your server cracked? If so here are some tips for you.


    1. If you're server is cracked install a authentication plugin such as OpeNLogin (always needed)
    2. Install a good anti-cheat for hackers.
    (anticheats isn't really accurate because anticheats are sometimes weak or strict)
    3. /ban-ip instead of /ban if you're banning players.
    4. Install an antibotraid plugin such as
    Ultimate AntiBot plugin
    5. Turn off cracked and buy a minecraft account.

    authentication plugin such as OpeNLogin plugin is very important especially on a cracked server, what it does is that when you're online and if a player tries to join through your username instead of kicking you out with an error message "Logged from another location" it'll say "This player is already online", the plugin also makes players set their own in game account password so that if you went offline, other players cannot use your account unless they know your ingame password.

    in the other hand, antibot raid plugins such as
    Ultimate Antibot ensures that there are not bots that will raid your server.

    Read this article to learn more about cracked

    18 January 2022

  • if i ip ban people.. what if they are using vpn??