fatally missing registry entries on 1.12.2

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    The error message "fatally missing registry entries" typically appears when the installed mods on the player's computer do not match the installed mods on the server.

    For modded servers, players must have the exact same mod collection installed on their computer as the server.

    It is important that the version of the installed mods is identical as well as the version of Forge itself!

    If you have so called client-only or server-only mods installed, it may help to temporarily remove them.

  • It's the same version 100%, the problem is not in the version of the mods.

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  • The error your facing is related to the versions of the mods not matching and according to your client log, it seems like there are versions of mods which don't match

    It's working in my friend's pc and y copy-pasted the mods folder.

    Actually i can't play minecraft in the server.

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    Please share

    • Your client log (Located in .minecraft/logs/latest.log on your computer)
    • Your current server log (Using the share button on the log page)
    • a screenshot of the installed mods on the server
    • a screenshot of the installed mods on your computer