помогите! help!

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  • я не могу запускать на сервер, не понимаю почему! Меня не могут пускать на сервер, не понимаю почему! https://mclo.gs/mV1qpCC, хотя сам сервер запустился и работает! even though the server is up and running!

  • misha37421

    Changed the title of the thread from “помогите!” to “помогите! help!”.
  • What error do you get client side?

  • Make sure that the EXACT same mods installed on both your PC and the server. It is not enough to simply have the same mods installed, they must also be installed in the exact same version. Likewise, the version of the mod loader (Fabric/Forge) must be identical.

    If you use a Modpack make sure you're running the same version as the server.

  • Share your client log

    1. open your minecraft installation path

    (enter %appdata%/.minecraft in the file explorer )

    2. open the logs folder

    3. open the "latest" or "latest.log" file with a text editor

    4. copy and paste the content of the file to https://mclo.gs/

    5. send the link here