1st Feedback

  • Hello Aternos Team, Today I Have My 1st FeedBack!

    1st. PermissionsEX - The Prefix of Pex Not Works, And I Already Installed ChatEX!

    2nd. ChangeSkin - So I Installed The Plugin And It Did Not Work!

    3rd. My Server - When I Start My Server It Just Stops In Like 1 minute!

    4th. OP - When I Do /op {name} it sometimes not works!

    5th. Slots - So I Wanna Make My Server 100000000000000000 slots But When I Do It, It Not Works!!!!
    Thank You!

    Your lovily


  • To answer your first to Questions: The Plugins itself are working. Maybe you just configured them wrong. You can watch Tutorials on how to configure them correctly on youtube.

    If your Server stops directly after starting, there is probably an problem with a plugin. Look in your Serverlog to find out if there are any errors occuring which let your server crash.

    You can simply youse the OP box on the MyServer site to add an OP. Then you dont need to use the command.

    And last: MInecraft itself limits the maximum slots to an Integer32 Value (2147483647) you cant go higher than this. But lets be true you wont having more then 100 Players on your Server anytime