Server Crashing due to unknown problems.

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  • Hello, Aternos Team :aternos:

    I have been encountering an interesting crash with my server, it doesn't seem to log it within the logs whenever it happens, but I was able to get a quick copy of the error in console before the server crashed. A bit unsure what I did wrong, it was working perfectly fine throughout the day.

    It crashes right after the server goes online.

    JVMDUMP012E Error in System dump: The core file created by child process with pid = 313 was not found. Expected to find core file with name "/server/core"
    JVMDUMP032I JVM requested Java dump using '/server/javacore.20221221.191157.1.0002.txt' in response to an event
    JVMDUMP010I Java dump written to /server/javacore.20221221.191157.1.0002.txt
    JVMDUMP032I JVM requested Snap dump using '/server/Snap.20221221.191157.1.0003.trc' in response to an event
    JVMDUMP010I Snap dump written to /server/Snap.20221221.191157.1.0003.trc
    JVMDUMP032I JVM requested JIT dump using '/server/jitdump.20221221.191157.1.0004.dmp' in response to an event
    JVMDUMP051I JIT dump occurred in 'Async-profiler Sampler' thread 0x000000000375A500
    JVMDUMP010I JIT dump written to /server/jitdump.20221221.191157.1.0004.dmp
    JVMDUMP013I Processed dump event "abort", detail "".

    The missing Process ID changes every startup, seems to be an internal Java problem. Happens in both Purpur and Paper.

    Software: 1.18.2 (Purpur)


    - Alchemical Arrows
    - ArmorStandTools
    - AutoTotem
    - BeaconWaypoints
    - BetterBridging
    - BetterDeathScreen
    - Blockhead
    - Breaker (2)
    - ChristmasFireworks
    - Chunky
    - ColoredAnvils
    - Colored Signs
    - CoreProtect
    - CustomPlayerDrop
    - DeadChest
    - DiscordSRV
    - Doors Reloaded
    - Drop2Inventory
    - DualHorse
    - EssentialsX: Chat, Protect, Spawn
    - ExtraHardMode
    - FastAsyncWorldEdit
    - FarmControl
    - GSit
    - HolographicDisplays
    - HorseTpWithMe
    - InfinityAndMendingUnnerf
    - InteractiveChat
    - InteractiveChat DIscordSRV Addon
    - InventoryRollbackPlus
    - NBT API

    - ItemEdit
    - ItemTag
    - LargeRaids
    - Lasso

    - LevelledMobs

    - LittleThings
    - LuckPerms
    - MaintenanceMode
    - MendingEnchant
    - MobTweaker
    - MythicMobs
    - NexAuth/NexEngine
    - NotTooExpensive
    - OldCombatMechanics
    - OpenInv
    - PlaceholderAPI
    - PetMaster
    - PetTeleport
    - PlasmoVoice
    - PluginHider+
    - ProtocolLIb
    - PvPManager
    - RHLeafDecay
    - ShulkerPacks
    - SkinsRestorer
    - SmartItemSort
    - SmoothSleep
    - Spark
    - SpigotPing
    - SuperVanish

    - SurvivalInvisFrames
    - TerraformGenerator
    - TreeGravity
    - UnbreakableLeashes
    - Vault

    - ViaVersion

    - VoidTeleport
    - WitherXP

    Do use the thread to ask me further questions.


    (Edited, for more clarity.)

    Cheers, Jaimii

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