Server shutting down for no reason,no error code,and nothing appears in console the only thing that pops up is this :/crash-reports/crash-2023-06-07_15.44.13-server.txt

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  • i have my minecraft server for a few days theres only few mods installed(biome´o´plenty,Many More Ores.adminfun,),i finished building a farm with redstone when this started happening,,i destroyed the redstone but it still happens,whenever i turn on the server it shuts down when someone joins for a few seconds(15-30) i dont really know how servers work just partially,i also have plugins(AdminFun,TPA,GAEA,Bstats,oneplayersleep,pluginmetrics,residence,sethome,updater) if u can help me ill be gratefull,i lost my world 2 times already with my friends and its getting annoying,i tried to make backups but they crashed too

    server version is 1.19.4 Mohist

  • try, launching the servers with some plugins disabled. create a backup of the server with all your plugins, then go to files/plugins and delete everything (which is why you need to backup) and now that the plugins are gone, you can confirm whether or not plugins were crashing the server depending on if it keeps crashing or not.

    if you did this and it still crashes, do the same thing but with the mods of the server.

    if it still crashes, i dont really know what to do but you likely edited files you weren't supposed to, or edited a case sensitive file incorrectly.

    i hope this helps