Having problems with my Aternos Server

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  • Hello, So i made an Aternos server about a month ago and everything went fine until today, when i logged in, i noticed i was at spawn and didn't have any of the items i had the previous day. My MC username was That_Super but aternos saved all my data to That_super with a lower-case "s" and i think Aternos noticed that and i joined as That_Super with a capital "S" and so i had no items, When i realised that i decided to change my name to That_super with a lower-case "s" to see if it would help and it did. I joined again as That_super and everything went fine and i decided to stop playing. I then joined again after about 2 hours and i still had everything, but then at one point the server just crashed. I restarted the server, and i once again didn't have anything. I've tried restarting my MC launcher and Aternos server multiple times but nothing is working, Also i can't change my name to That_Super again, because i have to wait 30 days just to change my name again.

    I don't know what to do and as you can imagine this is very frustrating as i have spent above 50 hours playing this Server. I'd really appriciate if anyone could help and i'd be forever thankful, Every Message helps. Thank you.