Help! My servers gone!

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  • I admit, on another of my accounts I did use a bot to prevent the server from shutting down. In turn it got banned, but the thing is I made a lot of progress in that server with my friends. In turn I'm switching to a different server provider that is 24/7 But the problem is, I had backups enabled. When I got banned I lost the world and my account. So I went on Google Drive to find my backups but they aren't there, I did some research and it turns out they are saved in APPDATA which cant be accessed unless its on this site, problem is that when I made another account and connected my google drive to try and retrieve the backup file, it wasn't there! I need a way to access the backups of my deleted server on my deleted account on google drive. The files are still on google drive but are in appdata which is hidden and only this site can access it. My banned account is on the email [email protected]. The server was called . If you could give me a way to access those backups so I can retrieve the world file I will stop bothering aternos and will leave. I know this is a alt but please, let me get those backups. :?: :?: :?: