Mining lag in server

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  • Could somebody help? Bc whenever me and my friends try to insta mine stuff, like netherrack and everything else that is instaminable, we can insta mine it. But when we hit something else such as anything else thats not instaminable we cant instamine bc then if we hold our Lmb then we only break one block, but our pickaxes appear to break more blocks but theres no animation, after a few secs (depending on the blocks breaking time) the block breaks for a sec and then reappears, and it just goes on forever. The only way to instamine after that is just either rejoin (Will stop instamining soon after) or just spam click LMB. I even tried checking the server logs!

    So can anyone help? :)

    (BS I only have 4 plugins. Multiplayer sleep, spark, skin restorer and simple voice chat.)