server shuts down after a few seconds

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  • Hello When I turn on my server, it shuts down after a few seconds, please help me =((( and log does not give any error and ram say loading ...
    i have anti cheat reloaded.

    When I reloaded the server, the anti-cheat said "server reloaded! please rejoin!" but the server shut down. I also deleted the anti-cheat, but nothing happened.

    but also my last log :

  • Reloading a server isn't really the best idea and also server reloaded! please rejoin! Is actually sent by viaversion since reloading a server reloads its plugins. Which as I said, isn't the best idea. And finally the plugin Fast Chunk Pregenerator says that "Using async chunk loading is only supported on Paper." Try switching to paper.

    heres the software page if you can't find it

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