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  • hi there, i dont know if this question is going to be in this thread but.

    yesterday i got my friend to join my server to see if it was working, everything worked but. when he went to join i had set my default world using multiverse and when he join he got sent to the default world i set from multiverse for about 2 seconds then got set to the original default world that was set up when i created the world. can somebody help me change it so that its fully the new world i have created and it stays in the new world and dosent teleport you to the orginal one. i dont know if it has something to do with essentials or any other plugin or its just a simple fix on the server settings etc



  • just wanted to make it clearer.

    my friend joined he got sent to the correct world for 2 seconds,

    then he was sent to the original world that was created when i created my server.

    i have set everything correct in multiverse so it must be something else.

    sorry if before it didnt make sense

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