An Error Message

  • Me and my friend tried to make a server with mods, added Thaumcraft and Mo'Creatures with required dependencies for both. Despite our process being identical, installing the mods on our clients, my version runs properly, and hers gives an error message.

    This is the first time we got at least one of our sides to work, after a sea of errors, invalid versions, having to change said versions, etc., and I'm not sure if anything can be done about it. I tried googling serveral of the error messages, to no avail. If there's any solution to this, I'd greatly appreciate the help.

  • Any particular idea for a fix? Is it possible to resolve it while keeping Thaumcraft?
    The confusion stems from it that my version works perfectly, while my friend's just crashes on launch. Not sure what is the differing factor there, especially since we downloaded all files from the same site

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