Server Crash Upon Startup

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  • I cannot open the server because it keeps crashing midway. I have already tried reinstalling the server and tried to open some worlds saved in backups, but to no avail, the results are still the same. Here is the link to the log file

    Any solution to the problem? Thank you very much.

  • i just noticed that it only happens on PaperMC software with the main error being "main thread terminated by watchdog due to hard crash". Loading a world works fine in Vanilla though.

  • Read the solution shown in the log

    - World 'world_the_end' is a duplicate of another world and has been prevented from loading.

  • It has been like that since the last time. I have uploaded a different end world folder because when I switch from vanilla to paper, my end world is deleted. Even with that error, it has been running smoothly until earlier this day.

  • Roman

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