Aternos server overloaded?

  • So I'm running an Attack of the B-Team server (version 1.6.4/1.0.14). Everything has been working fine for days, it's all been smooth and running fine with all the mods. I've had no problems with it in the past. Out of nowhere it's saying that the system is overloaded, nobody can move or open menus, it just freezes and harshly lags the entire server. It's hard to even exit out of the game. We thought maybe there was something wrong with our Technic Platform, but that doesn't seem to be the case. We tried restarting the server, and just restarted it today to see if anything has changed, and nothing has.

    We haven't done anything too crazy with the mods in the server, just a plain survival-ish world.

    Here is the log from today's try:

    This was all very sudden and unexpected considering everything has been working fine. Can someone please help?


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