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  • Good day!

    So I was messing with my files in Aternos and exaroton, and noticed some files in exaroton are not available in Aternos. Files which I think would fit what Aternos can offer. These are whitelist.json, banned-ip.json, and banned-players.json.

    One example of a slight issue that can solved easily while these files are available is when using the whitelist feature while the server is set to online-mode=false (piracy is bad). The UUIDs set in offline mode is different in online mode and it also reflects to the whitelist and blacklist system. With these files available, we can deal with UUID issues since we can edit it manually. The existing players tab which unfortunately doesn't allow you to see or edit your uuid along with the usernames you put in it.

    If ever "making those files available" suggestion will not or can not be accepted, probably because you can easily mess your setup and potentially your server(?). Maybe a rework of the current whitelist and blacklist system will do? Something like making the UUIDs appear under the username and is editable? Which also means effort that might be more than it's worth.

    Anyways, thanks for your time reading this mini idea of mine while I await for your response. :P

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  • That's not what I want though...

    Perhaps reading my full post helps. (I'll just edit my post just in case.)

    You can't edit your uuid in that area only the usernames which can't solve some issues especially the one described above

  • Roman

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