Aternos Server Speed Problem

  • Ok so. I just recently made a Aternos server in 1.8.9. Its for me and my friends to play on. But, when i joined the server and triend to literally break a log. The tick speed and response time from the server just dropped. The log lagged and it took 10 seconds for the block to drop. I tried breaking other blocks, same issue. I set my chunk view to 8. Still lagged. Finally i reset the server and tried on another version. 1.14.4. Same problem, I decided to switch back to 1.8.9. This is so laggy and i just wanted to play a Vanilla survival with my friends. With this issue i cant, the server is having such a bad performance issue.
    Its saying something in the Log (log as in the log that logs the server, not a minecraft log that u get wood from) about that the server cant keep up. I also tried restarting and stopping and starting, i was the only one online during this lag. I also tried searching up what could have caused the lag, It sent me to a lag cause thingy. They said stuff about not keeping to many animals and not having that many chunks loaded at the same time. I dont belive my server fit the bill on those or any other parts of the Lag cause info.
    I also dont think it is cause im to far from where the servers are based. I live in sweden and that isnt to far from germany where the servers are based. Also its probly not cause of my internet, My internet is fast and reliable, and i have played on multiple servers without issue. Additionally sometimes i cannot pick up items. Its probly cause of the tick speed problem.
    Here is a copied error message that i got upon testing the servers speed.
    [15:39:15] [Server thread/WARN]: Can't keep up! Did the system time change, or is the server overloaded? Running 8544ms behind, skipping 170 tick(s)
    I dont know why or how this is happening.
    And when the server doesnt go on snail slow speed the server wont respond.
    I also noticed when creepers and TNT blow up the blocks dissappear without any delay. Same goes for vegetation. They all break when they are supposed to. Blocks seems like the only problem.

    Update 1: The overall delay has shortened a bit but the lag still persists.

    Does anyone know what could have caused this problem?

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