Server low TPS when I join

  • Hello,

    I've been running an Aternos server for quite sometime now and since 2-3 days ago server started having some TPS issues. There are around 4-5 people playing mostly everyday and the server runs fine from what they tell me, I check through the console every now and then and the TPS comes back as 20 or very close to 20 so that's good.

    The problem starts when I join the server. Whenever I join the TPS plummets to 2-3 for a bit then stays around 7-8 for most of time and stabilizes around 10-11 but won't go further. I sort of confirmed this last night. A player was playing alone for a few hours with a TPS of 20, I join and all the above happens, another player is unable to join too. When I leave the TPS goes back up to 20 within a few moments and everyone is able to join.

    I once again joined the server this morning and from 20 it plummeted to around 6-7 and then stayed around 10-11. The server is running on Paper software and there are no automated farms, no villager breeders, no mob grinders.

    I looked around and ran a timings for 5 minutes here is the link:…867f6412bb568b0163626923a

    Also ran debug for 5 minutes:

    Any help is appreciated.

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