server crash after change to paperMC

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  • previously I use vanilla 1.16.4 and then I changed it to paperMC, there was no problem when I play on that server, it's running well, but then I get disconnected so I check the server and it says crash, does anyone know what is the cause of this crash and how to fix it?

    here the log:

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  • [23:12:03] [Aternos System/ERROR]: Server crashed because it ran out of memory. Try reducing the load to avoid crashes like this in the future.

    You ran out of memory.

    You can free memory by lowering your render distance, lowering entity limits, unloading spawn area, e.t.c.

    But one thing I noticed is that the server is getting laggier after each minute.
    When you next join the server, could you do this:

    type /timings on
    then after 3 minutes type /timings report
    a link will appear, open it
    and paste the link here.

    That report will give extra detail of what's causing the server to lag.

    mods are weird, hard to work with, and will have conflicts

    - bukkit gang

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