Download files from server (not world, just files)

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  • i think this would be perfect compensation for renaming files and/or cant opening them (if we could download and upload folders as well)...

    Im right now making datapack and when i need renaming one file i have to copy... sorry make another file and somehow get the contents to there as fast as i would like.... if downloading and uploading folders existed, i could just download the folder/file, rename it, upload it and remove the other one

    this could be compensation for copying files/folders too... just download them and upload them where they belong to

    ik that there are technical problems on renaming files but there is an option for uploading (only) files so i thought if that wouldnt be easier

  • This has already been discussed a lot of times. Please use the share accesa feature.

    what are you talking about? i know that exists and i use it but how does it make me able to download files from my server, rename/edit them on my pc and then upload (note: datapacks folder, not mods or plugins)?

  • Roman

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