Server Keeps Crashing

  • Me and my friend own a server while my server is perfectly fine the one that we're playing with keeps crashing

    We are using the Origins mod As well as Plato's Transporters but whenever we try to enter our vehicle

    it crashes while if I go onto my server the transport is fine - a couple bugs by the mod

    Does anyone know why?

    The server stops and just says "Timed Out"

    and we have to reset the server which rolls it back which is pretty annoying

    I know the image doesn't help but its the most I can get If anyone has any feedback on why this is happening please help!
    It also has a 99.99% chance of crashing because we did get it to work once


    Keeps crashing when we get into a plato's Vehicle and has to restart server while on a diff server It works perfectly fine it has like a 99.99% Chance of Crashing as we did get it to work once and it broke again

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