Addons stop working after server close. (Bedrock,

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  • Server Info: Bedrock,

    Addon Info:

    Sadly, no log file


    After setting the server up and making sure every mod worked (Experimental features on and all that), my girlfriend and I played in the server for a few hours. Aside from some chunk errors, everything ran fine, all the items were there, modded biomes were generating, crafting recipes ok.

    Then I closed the server to take a break, when I started it again I was surprised to see none of the addons working anymore. The modded biomes had the "update mod!" block that replaces the non-vanilla blocks when an addon is missing. Every modded item, and mobs, were gone yet checking the packs file in the server showed every addon was there.

    A restart didn't fix it. An old backup where the mods were working didn't fix it either. Any help?

  • After a fruitless endeavor of finding a fix, I gave up and went to sleep. The addons magically worked again the next time I started the server.

    So I guess if anyone is having the same problem as me, close your browser and try again the next day?

    Edit: It happened again and this time I just restart my PC and it worked again.

  • Roman

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