Help! My worlds are being slowly replaced

  • I currently have 3 servers that I run on Aternos, and I've had a similar issue on each of them. My worlds are slowly being deleted chunk-by-chunk and replaced with air OR a superflat world. On one of the worlds, which is a void world, some of the things we've built far away from spawn are just gone when we try to teleport to them. On the other two, the world is slowly being filled with superflat chunks. I have no idea what is causing this issue. This is super frustrating because it's deleting things I've spent literal days on. I don't know if it has any significance, but the 2 worlds that aren't void worlds were created using worldpainter. One of them had the issue immediately, but the other didn't seem to have the issue for a whole year. The void world also didn't seem to have the issue for a very long time, probably 3 years or more. Please help!

  • Roman

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