Origins Datapacks Error?

  • Hello, this is my first time on the forums.

    I'm having a lot of problems putting datapacks into my server - specifically, I want to add more origins to the server using datapacks but the datapacks are causing issues.

    - When I add them as a zip file, the server crashes.

    - When I add them through downloading the world, putting in the datapacks, and then uploading the world again (at this point they are no longer zip files), the server will load up but it won't let anyone in with the only message of "Connection Lost". This happens even when I use Dyn IP.

    I was wondering if anyone knew how to fix this? I've been trying my own datapacks specifically, but I have tried other's datapacks to see if it was just my own that Aternos was struggling with. Is there a method that I'm missing?

    Edit: I asked around and was able to get someone to walk me through what was wrong!

  • Roman

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