server crashing sf 2.5.8 because of runic matrix (infusion->thaumcraft)

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  • We are running skyfactory 2.5.8. The ticking block entity is an activated runic matrix from thaumcraft 4. My friend was doing an infusion, and one of the items fell off the altars. He placed it back on and then the server crashed. Both him and I have tried to turn the server on without success. Please help us fix this, we spent over 200 hours on this world :(

    first crash report:…07-29_08.14.04-server.txt

    text version: message.txt

    most recent log:


    I managed to fix it by spamming /setblock (corrupt block's coords) air after finding it in the crash reports, and it worked! If any of you have a similar issue, the coords are listed as "Block location: World:(coords)"

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