Server showing online forever and cant connect to server!

  • Hi! I really need help here - I was on aternos and I had access to turn on my friend's server, I wanted to play so I turned it on. When I tried to connect it worked but then it timed me out. Then that same server never pinged! I couldnt connect to server using Dyn IP or even the Normal IP with and without the port numbers written at the end. I also saw that the server never went offline and there were 0 players! I tried many things like flushing the DNS chache, restarting Minecraft, restarting the chrome browser and even the laptop (Mac) I tried simply refreshing the page, no matter what nothing worked. I use TLauncher but I get a different error message. I can join other aternos servers and other servers all fine. I tried to join with Optifine 1.17.1 and also Fabric 1.17.1 but no luck :( I dont have the console or log permission either. Error I got - connection timed - Thank you all in advance! - Jameify is my minecraft username and aternos account. The server is of my friend on account - diamondserver0007. Please help! (Normal Server IP -, PORT - 14339)

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