World gen crashes

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  • I've recently tried to make a modded server, however ive had problems with the world generation. After downloading all the mods and everything, when trying to generate the world, the game takes too long and it crashes. Sometimes, it crashes at 40%, sometimes 1%, and sometimes 80% of completing it. Other times, it does generate the world properly, and I can play without issues, but when going too far, it completely lags out and kicks me. The server on the aternos page doesn't close and appear online, even hours later. On the server list inside minecraft, it says that im still inside the server. I really need help, i've tried a few different mod combinations, but the issue still remains.

    Version: 1.16.5 forge 32.2.0
    Log crash:
    Mod List:

    ice and fire
    outer end
    end remastered
    extended caves
    forbidden and arcannus
    guard villagers
    Nether Skeletons
    dungeons enhanced
    Nourished Nether
    enigmatic legacy
    majrusz difficulty
    majrusz accesories
    wonderful enchantments
    legend of herobrine
    curios api

    Instant Lava
    chunk pregenerator
    random patches

    I've tried several different mod combinations, every time deleting the world and generating a new one. I even tried to delete the entire server and create another one but the problem persists. I really want help, please.

    27 de agosto de 2021

  • Roman

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