please help my friend, Failed to synchronize registry data, closing connection

  • whenever my friend trys to login to my server he get s"Failed to synchronize registry data, closing connection". he is using all the same mods i am but it wont let him in, he is authed but still. we checked everything we can think of, same versions of all

  • If your getting the error message “Failed to synchronic registry data from server” then check the following:

    1)The client side forge/fabric version should match the server side forge/fabric version

    2)The mods installed on your Minecraft client (your PC) including the versions need to match the mods installed on your server (Exceptions like sodium and other client side mods)

    3)If the forge/fabric version and the mods installed match then try deleting the config folder which is located in the minecraft installation path (enter %appdata%/.minecraft in the file explorer )