Server Crashing as soon an Ancient Beasts mod mob spawns in

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  • Ok uh, i was playing with one of my friends on my modded 1.12.2 servers, 'till we found a structure from the ''Ancient Beasts'' mod, the circus one to be clear, and inside it there was ofc it's boss (It is considered a block during the day, spawns during the night). While we were preparing to fight said boss we noticed that the server crashed, and while scrolling thru the server crash report i noticed it was indeed because of the Ancient Beasts mod mob spawning, anyone here knows how to fix this? (I'm also going to ask the creator of the mod if he knows about this error and if there is a way to fix it)

  • Ticking Entity's Exact location: 3157.83, 72.03, 3409.68

    There is a ticking entity which needs to be removed as it causing the server to crash. You can run /kill @e in the console to remove it or, if you can't do it, download the world and kill the entity in singleplayer then upload the world again