200-300ms ping in Aternos servers but not in other server providers

  • Context, I joined my friend's server with no plugins nor any mods 2 days ago, but I got 200+ ping when I hovered my cursor on the green ping indicators at the server list. I have restarted my laptop, stopped and started the server, restarted the server, and even told my friend to do the same with the server closing and restarting but to no luck they didn't fix it. My friend, the owner of the server and some other friends as members, aren't getting the same lag as I am. Forgot to mention I'm playing on TLauncher, I haven't uninstalled and reinstalled it since I wanted to try other stuff and searched the internet for How To's but still nothing. The server doesn't have a lag machine or anything related to my home's internet provider, my laptop isn't outdated since I can play csgo decently.

    One point though, my friend, the creator of the server, gotten the lag before, maybe a week ago and he said he uninstalled and reinstalled it claiming that fixed his server ping problem. I will try it, but that's my last option.

  • Ping is totally related to your internet. Changing your ISP might help

    It wasn't, if It was then my meetings in school would be laggy as well. My friends told me its my Aternos. Anyways, I'll now uninstall and reinstall my TLauncher in hopes of fixing my problem haha. Thank you for your response to my inquiry! I appreciate the information you have provided me with, and I appreciate your prompt reply.