Loading Terrain then crash (1.18.1)

  • About 2 days ago I started having issues with an Aternos server. When join the server, everything works fine then it sits on the loading terrain screen and proceeds to timeout, saying it's lost connection. I have tried a large amount of things to fix this which includes removing added mods, removing texture packs, making sure I have the correct mods, adding and re-adding the server, deleting demanding programs, updating my graphics drivers, trying the DynIp, trying a different WIFI network, redownloading Minecraft, redownloading fabric, praying and crying. None of it had any response on it so me and a friend decided to try running an Aternos server with the same mods as the first one and I almost successfully joined. I would spawn in a black void and I was able to run commands and chat but no feedback would come back. Gamemode wouldn't update unless I left and rejoined and in spectator and creative mode I was able to fly back to land from the void. All players would be frozen in the place where they were when you joined and players are able to see you move. After a minute the game would crash and the Aternos logs say that I timed out. You may be thinking this has to do with ram or WIFI issues but I can confirm it's not, all other servers and world work in function perfectly, even more demanding servers like Hypixel and very large mod packs like All The Mods 7. I have been playing on the server since last month and it's been working perfectly until now. If there is anything anyone can do or if anyone has a similar issue please let me know.