Server crash

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  • Hey !

    I'm trying to create a server with forge and a few mods, but when I try to start it it crashes.

    I couldn't find why by myself so I'm here to see if someone can help !

    Here are the last two lines of my logs :

    [27Mar2022 21:10:29.143] [main/WARN] [net.minecraft.server.packs.VanillaPackResources/]: Assets URL 'union:/server/libraries/net/minecraft/server/1.18.2-20220228.144236/server-1.18.2-20220228.144236-srg.jar%2346!/assets/.mcassetsroot' uses unexpected schema

    [27Mar2022 21:10:29.145] [main/WARN] [net.minecraft.server.packs.VanillaPackResources/]: Assets URL 'union:/server/libraries/net/minecraft/server/1.18.2-20220228.144236/server-1.18.2-20220228.144236-srg.jar%2346!/data/.mcassetsroot' uses unexpected schema

    Here the full log :

    I downloaded 7 mods on the server, here's the list :

    - architectury-4.1.36







    Let me know if you find anything helpfull !

    Thanks a lot !

  • can you share your server log once the server crashes

  • The log doesn't show your server has crashed.