friend gets loaded into void upon entering server, i log in just fine

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  • my friend logs into our survival (vanilla, 1.18.2) world and she falls into the void where she's unable to see anything. i've tried to tp her to me but apparently it doesn't help even though i can see her move towards me on my end. we've deleted the user data and she's reinstalled minecraft but the error still occurs. do help! we noticed this is an error that occurs for lots of aternos users and it's a free server host so i can't complain much and this is the first time it's happened to us but we'd love to actually play together again. attached the log below. (the start of this log shows us chatting to get her things back as we reset her user data, after a while she's in the void again and continuously disconnects and reconnects to try and fix the problem)

  • Tell your friend to follow this article:…ut-your-server-connection