Server goes offline after starting up and joining, please help

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  • Hello,

    My server keeps going offline immediately when I start it up, and try to join it. When i join, I see the message: Disconnected, with no further information. I started this server after my friend had the same issue, and I would really like to play together again. I already tried the fixes mentioned here, like downloading, deleting the player directory and uploading again. This did not work. I only have the mods: Origins (for 1.18.2 including Caelus API) and Xaero's Minimap. If logs are needed, please tell me how to get them and where to find them.

    Thanks in advance :)

    (by the way, my mods match and all is well there)

    Oh, and it says the server closes as soon as I go back to the server list after being disconnected.'


    Just reset the server, also didn't work.

    Edit 2:

    Does help?

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  • There is some issue with origins.