Not able to join modded server

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  • Hello! This is part 3 of my crazy modded-server making adventure with Aternos. So, I first had to delete my old server because it was corrupted. Then, I had to solve why my NEW one kept crashing, which I did; it was a problem with The Betweenlands. But now, I have one last problem. A final step, I should say?

    Basically, the server starts up perfectly well now. It takes about five minutes because of all the mods, but it still starts up. But when I try to join the server, it says that mods are compatible, and after about a minute of a blank dirt background screen, it finally shows "Loading...", then goes blank again, then after a while it says "Connecting..." or something like that, then after ANOTHER minute or so it FINALLY says "loading terrain..." Then goes blank again. Then, after about two minutes of a blank screen, it says "Disconnected". It keeps repeating this, and since I'm not joining the server, the server stops by itself after about one or two tries. Then I have to restart it. Every time I do this process it takes about twenty minutes, and I simply don't have the time or heart to continue.

    What should I do?