Server Crash on first time launch

  • I keep having issues starting up a server, it crashes after finishing set up. I downloaded a mod pack on CurseForge, and then went through the mod list and added each mod one at a time making sure the verions matched. But when I try to start it up it loads completely, but shortly after that it shuts off. I tried to figure things out myself but everything that I thought was the issue, goggling leads me to conversations that say all the problems are symptoms of something else.

    I've attached the error log

    This is the second mod pack I tried to do this way, I thought the issue was with the first pack I chose (and maybe there were other problems) but after doing it a second time and getting a lot of the same issues I'm turning here to get help. I've run other servers both on aternos and on personal computers. this is the first time I've had major problems like this.