Internal Exception: Connection reset on 1.18.1

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  • i live in Brazil and i've been playing in this 1.18.1 creative server with my friends for about 5 days/1 week, since the beginning of it i'm with this error (on the title) witch i log in, wait for a minute or so and get disconnected, i really don't know what to do anymore, i tried everything and i'm still with this error. My internet is very fast (500 mb) and quite everytime i log in my ping is very high, like 1000, can anyone help?

  • Please follow this article to help Aternos and your ISP identify the problem:

    Please read the article carefully and don't skip any steps, questions or suggestions.

    Following this article will not instantly fix your problem. It only helps to find the root cause which can then be fixed by the network provider.