connection closed mismatched mod channel list, please help

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  • So I'm trying to make a modded server for me and my friend to play on, i download all the mods on the aternos server and on the client but It wont let me join and instead gives me an error "Connection Closed - Mismatched Mod Channel List" and on the server list there's a red X saying "Incompatible FML Modded Server", all the mods on the server and client match and are the same versions. Same forge version too.

  • Share your client log

    1. open your minecraft installation path

    (enter %appdata%/.minecraft in the file explorer )

    2. open the logs folder

    3. open the "latest" or "latest.log" file with a text editor

    4. copy and paste the content of the file to

    5. send the link here