Aternos server hacked

  • Hello. So on my server there was one really annoying player who begged for creative and OP 24/7 even though this was a survival server. Later everyone left the server and I thought i should add something to the spawn. Then i've seen something in the chat about server blacklist, and after some time this player beginned to somehow edit my server (changed its name, resetted it (thank god i wasn't too late to make a world backup), etc.). How did this happen and how do I prevent from it happening again? I'm not sure my Aternos account was hacked though.

  • Nope. Though very very earlier somehow there was an (other) player who for some reason had OP even though nobody gave it to them. And also I and my friend, server moderator got deoped. The begger player kept adding OP to themselves and bypassed all the bans that i gave to him

  • he might have had a hacke dclient cause i think that there is someything called anti-banand the player ant get banned , but the fact that he gave himself op dont know. i will search something and if i find anything i will tell you