The server keeps crashing minecraft or we are unable to join the server

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  • I installed a few more mods to my server and when I tried to join it said "Invalid player data". After a bit of searching online I thought deleting my playerdata would help me join the server but sadly it didn't. After that I deleted one mod and tried to join the server and got "Internal Exception: Connection reset" and now after a few minutes I am once again getting "Invalid player data". Me and my friends have been playing on the server for a few days and there were no issues before me adding a few more mods. I apologize if my English is bad.

    update (didn't submit the forum): deleted the newest mods I installed and the server works but I still want to have those mods on the server, is there a way to fix this issue?
    update 2: Yeah once again none of my friends can join the server. Server Error.

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