Bad login error.

  • So I was joining a friend earlier today and we both got the error, we had just started the launcher and both are premium and had premium ticked.
    first time I had played on the new launcher and he had used it before but not with aternos, the server had been used a few times before and had worked.
    we were playing 1.6.4 super hostile infernal skies
    we checked our error logs and they were near identical
    heres mine:

    15:21:43 launcher Preparing to launch minecraft client for 1.6.4
    15:21:43 launcher Checking installations.
    15:21:43 launcher Minecraft client 1.6.4 is ready to start.
    15:21:43 launcher Starting!
    15:21:43 launcher Version does not support log configuration, will assume one plaintext entry per line
    08:21:45 game 2017-02-19 15:21:45 [CLIENT] [INFO] Setting user: darkfrost1802
    08:21:45 game 2017-02-19 15:21:45 [CLIENT] [INFO] (Session ID is -)
    08:21:45 game 2017-02-19 15:21:45 [CLIENT] [INFO] LWJGL Version: 2.9.0
    08:21:45 game 2017-02-19 15:21:45 [CLIENT] [INFO] Reloading ResourceManager: Default
    08:21:46 game
    08:21:46 game Starting up SoundSystem...
    08:21:46 game Initializing LWJGL OpenAL
    08:21:46 game (The LWJGL binding of OpenAL. For more information, see
    08:21:46 game OpenAL initialized.
    08:21:46 game
    08:21:47 game 2017-02-19 15:21:47 [CLIENT] [SEVERE] Realms: Server not available!
    08:21:54 game 2017-02-19 15:21:54 [CLIENT] [INFO] Connecting to, 25565
    08:21:59 game 2017-02-19 15:21:59 [CLIENT] [INFO] Stopping!
    08:21:59 game
    08:21:59 game SoundSystem shutting down...
    08:21:59 game Author: Paul Lamb,
    08:21:59 game
    08:21:59 game Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM warning: Using incremental CMS is deprecated and will likely be removed in a future release
    15:21:59 launcher Process closed with exit code 0

    That's all we could figure out, help would be greatly appreciated.

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