Falling into the void endlessly when joining server and then being kicked with a connection reset message

  • Upon joining my Aternos server, I fall into the void endlessly without taking damage. After a while, I get kicked. I seem to be able to join other servers without any problem. All my friends can join perfectly fine without issues.

    Kick Message: Internal Exception: java.net.SocketException: Connection Reset.

    Server IP: heatburn601.aternos.me

    Server software & mods: fabric loader v0.14.9 on 1.19, the most recent fabric API version, the original origins mod v1.6.2

    Aternos username: nexussmppp

    Does the problem happen on vanilla? Yes

    Dyn ip rattail.aternos.host:61480 doesnt work either

    Tracert screenshot:


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