Deprecation of the Aternos forums

The Aternos forums are now deprecated

Learn more about this change here.

For help regarding Aternos, we recommend you to visit our support center.

    • Official Post

    Dear Community Members,

    We wanted to inform you about an important update regarding our support and community structure. After careful consideration, we have made the decision to deprecate the official forums. While the forums will remain accessible for some time, they will transition to a read-only state.

    It'll still be possible to browse the forums. But starting the next days, it won't be possible to register on the forums and create any new threads or posts.

    If you want to advertise your server, we recommend you to use the #servers channel on our Discord. Regarding any type of support requests we recommend you to visit our support center.

    The Aternos forums are as old as Aternos itself. Since the beginning it was one of the main targets for the Aternos community to engage with others and provide help across the Aternos users and help from the Aternos team. But in the ten years in which the forum now exists, a lot has changed. Among other things, the following points were the main reasons for taking this step:

    1. Shifting community dynamics: Over time, we have observed that a majority of our community members have become more active on various alternative platforms such as Discord, Twitter, and other social media channels. These platforms provide real-time communication, instant feedback, and a more dynamic engagement experience. To ensure that our community remains vibrant and connected, we believe it is necessary to focus our efforts on the platforms where our users are most active.
    2. Spam and moderation challenges: One of the ongoing challenges we have faced on the forums is the increasing volume of spam and the difficulties in effectively moderating the content. Despite our best efforts to maintain a safe and valuable space for discussions, we have found it increasingly challenging to combat spam and maintain the quality of interactions. For other platforms, like Discord, we've built custom moderation solutions that fit our use-case and community behavior and allow us to keep up with the increasing number of users. Building such solutions for forums is unfortunately not worth the effort.
    3. Integration with support workflows: We try to help our users wherever possible and usually on the platforms they use. We've integrated our various channels (Discord, Email, Twitter, YouTube etc.) into our central support system. This allows us to help our users fast and efficiently. Unfortunately, the forums don't really fit in this framework.

    While we understand that this transition may come as a surprise, we want to assure you that we are committed to maintaining an active and supportive community. We encourage you to explore the alternative platforms we mentioned earlier, as they offer a more interactive and immediate means of communication with both our team and fellow community members.

    We appreciate the contributions, knowledge sharing, and connections you made on the forums over the years.

    Thank you for your continued support and participation.

    - Your Aternos Team :aternos-heart:

  • For some reason I have denied access to the Aternos serverlist. Is this what they meant by forums or like..?

  • :( bai forums