Aternos has gone... Dead. [ I am sorry ]

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  • As you read the title, yes, Aternos has gone dead!

    But some of you are asking why?
    Answer: Its because before, So many people were making threads and all staff members and players are active and it was so much fun, but now... So many people are inactive and they are leaving aternos to focus on their life just like the team members [Example: Andreas, Kendrik etc..] and also some friends of mine has been leaving aternos just because of its unimprovment.

    Question 2: You will tell me that you don't think aternos is dead.
    Answer: Go see for yourself. Just keep looking at aternos for some days.. weeks.. years.. any day you want! and you will see the truth!

    Question 3: Some of you will say that no! so many people are joining my server just because i advertised my server at aternos.
    Belive me.. Go check your server again. You will have only a small amount of players in your server [Example: Before, aternos was excellent, you had like 11 players join in one day, but these days, when you get on your server, you will have only like 4 players joined]

    I don't care if you don't belive me.. But trust me, It will be a big disaster for you when you finally belive this. 

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    leaving aternos to focus on their life just like the team members

    Yes, the team seems to get smaller, but what you can't see is that on the other hand the time we put into Aternos is actually growing. At the beginning of last year, we were all free time staff members trying to work on Aternos next to our work, school etc. Today, two team members are now full time employees, improving Aternos everyday.


    I understand that as well, we haven't released that many visible updates in the last months and most of them were for specific users (mods, bedrock etc.). But we've done huge improvements behind the scenes this year especially because of the move last week. I know it might be a bit complicated to understand, but when you grow like we do, parts of your system start to fail and you have to fix or replace them. We've completely restructured and rewritten the way your server is stored on our file servers and also changed almost all other aspects of our system to be able to allow more servers than ever to run on Aternos. On the other hand we've tried to clean up our code base as good as possible to allow the implementation of new features.

    Now, we are prepared to work on new features and we will hopefully be ready to announce them soon.

  • I've been here for over a year, and have no intention to leave soon. I enjoy staying here and helping others. It's something within my nature, and so is watching people's creativity burst and enjoy themselves. I've quite honestly seen more and more people join the Discord, more people in the queue, and more people on the forums. In my eyes, Aternos can have the longest lifespan of all free hosts if taken in the right direction, which it is. The devs listen, the people request, it's all about that balance. If one fails, it all falls apart.

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