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    I logged in to my Aternos Server that my friends and I have been on for a few weeks now. A few hours before logging in today, my friend and I built a few structures to the said server. The world appeared to be what it already was to us. It had all the structures we built before. After my friend and I logged off, we took a short break. However, I did not leave the server and just went idle. After the break, I saw that I got disconnected from the server with the message "Timed Out". I checked the website and saw that my server got closed.

    When I opened the server and logged in again to continue, we noticed that our world has been completely wiped! The original world was a superflat structure, this one is just a regular biome. Even worse, all our structures are gone, and not just the new ones. It was a complete bare and new world. All operators of the server are no longer ops. Looking at the log from the aternos website, it was also completely empty. The commands and actions done in the session hours before were missing. All the plugins that I have installed are gone.

    Only I have access to the worlds or change it. There are no other people who can access it. I know all the (4) operators of the server, meaning they wouldn't have done it.

    We hope you can help us identify the solution to this problem.

    Thank you.


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    So I checked your log.

    7.28 server stopped after playing and got saved

    7.31 server started again

    7.37 server detected as online

    7.37 server stopped again and got saved

    at 7.57 You started the server again

    at 7.59 You joined your server

    All save operations were successful and the system log looks fine.

    Interesting is the part at 7.31/7.37

    The server was loaded at 7.31 with 31mb data and has been saved at 7.37 with 13mb data.

    Also the start process took over 6 minutes, compared with other start operations on your server this is very long. Other server starts took only ~2 minutes. So probably the server did something in that session which it shouldn't do. Unfortunately I don't have the server log itself from that session to analyze that further. But spigot 1.14 is still in beta and may contain bugs which may are the cause for that problem

    I can not bring your world back. I can only recommend you to make use of our backup system:

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