URGENT need help! backup doesn't work and more problems.

  • So me and my friend were pranking people. an op stops the server. we rejoin he stops server again. then when we rejoin the server again, it wasnt the same world, it generated a new world. so i had a backup yesterday, i used that backup. turned the options of the server back to normal. then we try to rejoin.

    we all tried to join but it keeps saying "timed out" we keep trying and the server options change. we try put it on crack then it keeps happening. Please help!!:!::aternos: so it keeps generating a new world.

  • i dont understand. we changed it back to crack when its supposed to be cracked. heres the address of the server. veryPuremc.aternos.me

    heres my other question. the backups updated and i dont have the backup from yesterday. soo. how can i get it back somehow? instead of 24/7/2020 i see 25/7/2020 and the other backups but i dont see 24/7/2020

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